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Hi, I'm Steve!

I'm a computer engineering student at St. Cloud State University. On May 13th, 2017, I will be moving to San Jose, California, with the skills necessary to change the world and never look back!


26 June

JavaScript Objects Pseudo-Explained draft in Dev

What's the difference between an object, and object, and an object?

29 April

Project Euler: 'Maximum Path Sum' (problems 18 and 67) in Algorithms

Brute force is no match for a nifty algorithm!

23 April

Project Euler: 'Power Digit Sum' (problem 16) in Data Structures

Q: How do you find the sum of the digits of a number that's too large for any native data type?A: Create a big array of integers!

16 April

14 April

"The Skills Necessary" in Dev

"What do I need to learn in order to be as employable as possible as a software engineer?"

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