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Hi, I'm Steve!

I'm a computer engineering student at St. Cloud State University. On May 13th, 2017, I will be moving to San Jose, California, with the skills necessary to change the world and never look back!


23 March

DRAFT: ToDo in Dev

ToDo: add 'publish archive draft' status to Articles :p

23 March

DRAFT: Data Structures 1: Hash Table in Data Structures

Key: meet Value. Also now I want hash browns. Also I need to create actual drafts.

21 March

Learning PHP for fun and profit! in Web Design

Related: I deleted an article forever :p

13 March

Algorithm Familiarization 1: Bubble Sort in Algorithms

A brief exploration of the classic (and wildly inefficient) Bubble Sort!

9 March

My Own CMS! in Raspberry Pi

In true "move fast and break things" spirit, I spent a total of one afternoon piecing together a new CMS for

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