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30 June

Python plus Garageband plus MIDI equals Computer-Composed Music in Dev

A first experience with computer-"composed" music, using python-rtmidi and Garageband.

9 February

SCSU IEEE "Intro to Arduino" Code in Dev

Arduino Code for IEEE "Intro to Arduino" Workshop (292017)

29 April

Project Euler: 'Maximum Path Sum' (problems 18 and 67) in Algorithms

Brute force is no match for a nifty algorithm!

23 April

Project Euler: 'Power Digit Sum' (problem 16) in Data Structures

Q: How do you find the sum of the digits of a number that's too large for any native data type?A: Create a big array of integers!

16 April

10 April

10 April

7 April

Data Structures 3: Cpp std::vector in Data Structures

How is it implemented? What are its advantages? Why did I make it impossible to render plus-signs in my article titles? What happened to 'Data Structures 2'?

4 April

CodeHelp in Dev

Startups are fun! Well, they sound fun, any way!

3 April

31 March

Real-Time Code Help in Dev

JavaScript, Blobs, and WebRTC

25 March

23 March

DRAFT: ToDo in Dev

ToDo: add 'publish archive draft' status to Articles :p

23 March

Data Structures 1: Hash Table in Data Structures

Key: meet Value. Also now I want hash browns. Also I need to create actual drafts.

21 March

Learning PHP for fun and profit! in Web Design

Related: I deleted an article forever :p

13 March

Algorithms 1: Bubble Sort in Algorithms

A brief exploration of the classic (and wildly inefficient) Bubble Sort!

9 March

My Own CMS! in Raspberry Pi

In true "move fast and break things" spirit, I spent a total of one afternoon piecing together a new CMS for

25 March

Processing JS and Ace Editor in Dev

Write and run your own native processing code, right from the browser!

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