I woke up with a little burst of energy/inspiration this morning (possibly related to the excellent Dunn Bros cappuccino I had), and decided to take advantage of it. After discovering how easy it was to implement and add neat behaviors to the Ace js-based code editor, and having discovered the still-relatively-new WebRTC project (both free, by the way), I thought it would be neat to connect the two together in such a way as to allow two people to connect to chat together about code.

As an aside, it turns out, not only does this already exist (codeshare.io), but it looks like the same gentleman who wrote codeshare is also involved in a startup who's implemented a beta version of what I would consider the logical progression from a code-sharing site: a code-running site (Runnable.com). Very cool!

While it is, of course, a little disappointing to find that my idea has already been implemented (and quite well, it turns out!), I'm super-stoked for a couple of reasons. For one, the little idea I had this morning was apparently good enough that someone else made a kick-ass version of it and built a company around it, in exactly the area of the country I'm moving to. Second, I have a few killer features in mind that they either haven't thought of yet, or weren't interested in. That said, I really like their implementation, and I'd love to talk to the guys that built it!

My little pre-alpha demo app (gist)

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