This weekend, Alex and I threw together a little mini-startup idea and put it up on (a domain I bought when I started at St. Cloud State, figuring it might come in handy). The reason came about because we both often find ourselves answering classmate's questions, and for whatever reason, SCSU doesn't have any on-staff computer science tutors. Weird.

Ultimately, it's basically a simple two-page PHP form/confirmation, styled with Bootstrap (thanks to Alex!), with a MySQL backend and integration with Mandrill/Mailchimp for confirmation & request emails. We threw Google Analytics in for good measure, 'cause why not. In an effort to help students along their journey towards enlightenment as fast as possible, I have a call out to Stack Overflow's REST API, to see if there are any similar questions that have been asked there before. If nothing is found, nothing is shown. A fun little widget, that!