I'm learning how to build a CMS for my LAMP-stack-based website (which you're currently viewing). It's fun! I started by following Matt Doyle's "Build a CMS in an Afternoon with PHP and MySQL" article at elated.com. It did take the better part of an afternoon, but it was Spring Break, so I had the time to spare!

After uploading it to my Dreamhost account (following their SSH tutorial), along with a few minutes of debugging, I was delighted to have my very own PHP/MySQL-based CMS! I mean, yeah, I followed a tutorial, so it was really Mr. Doyle's CMS, but I figured it'd be a good framework to learn from & modify as needed.

My first modification was to add article categories by following the follow-up tutorial (here). Again, it worked out great! Yeah, it didn't look amazing, but it was working and gave me a great platform to learn from.

My next step was to implement Bootstrap (as I wrote about here). Throwing the better part of an evening at it, I've ended up with the beginnings of something sort of resembling a modern website! Very exciting. I'll have to add all of the old stuff from my old site, as well as the projects from my school site.

UPDATE: I've successfully implemented pages! I can add/delete/edit them to my heart's content, and they automagically add themselves to the navigation up top! On a related note, I've managed to delete my original article detailing the construction of this site! Note to self: back up my database occasionally, and implement an "undo delete" function (I may as well just keep all articles and have 'delete' just remove them from the 'posted' list or something). Ah well, this will serve as a serviceable replacement for now. Cheers!

UPDATE #2: Thank you Dreamhost for your Automated MySQL backups (link)! I've retrieved one of my (now two) deleted articles.