First-off, credit where credit is due: 99.9% of the code used to make this site was borrowed directly from's fantastic tutorial, "Build a CMS in an Afternoon with PHP and MySQL". I will be modifying it heavily as I develop my skill set, but for now, bravo and many thanks for providing such an excellent walkthrough! In addition to putting together a CMS, I turned my Raspberry Pi into a LAMP stack last night, following GraziCNU's quick Instructable, "Turning your Raspberry Pi into a personal web server". While I did eventually switch to a MySQL server hosted here on Dreamhost, I developed the site using the Pi (while simultaneously using it as an AirPlay receiver, thanks to yet another excellent tutorial (with a catchy title: "Raspberry Pi Airplay Tutorial"), courtesy of Adam Burkepile at With so many fantastic tutorials out there, it's truly a wonderful time to be learning how to develop software!